Featured photographer: Georgina Goodwin

Flash Floods Displace Nearly 120,000 In Ethiopia - Aid Agencies

Aaron Maasho, Reuters, 11 May , 2016

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia - Flash floods displaced nearly 120,000 people in Ethiopia last month and a total of almost half a million are expected to be affected this year, government and humanitarian agencies said on Wednesday.
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Running From Rape In Burundi

Hannah Mcneish, Freelance, 9 May, 2016

South Sudan Food Crisis May Affect Up To 5.3 Million People, WFP Says

Denis Dumo, Reuters, 9 May, 2016

Tracking Elephants As New Railway Cuts Kenya

Celine Clery, AFP, 18 April, 2016

1.2 Billion Opportunities

Daniel Knowles, The Economist, 16 April, 2016

Hot Rocks: Kenya Taps Geothermal Heat To Boost Power

Cyril Belaud, AFP, 16 March, 2016

IMF More Than Doubles Kenya’s Standby Loans To $1.5bn

Erik Ombok, Bloomberg News, 15 March, 2016

South Sudan Soldiers Accused of Rape, Killing

Jill Craig, VOA, 14 March, 2016

Welcome To Wakaliwood Uganda’s No-Budget Tarantino Scores Rave Reviews

Catrina Stewart, The Independent, 11 March, 2016

U.S. Attacks Reveal Al-Shabab’s Strength, Not Weakness

Ty McCormick, 09 March, 2016

Barclays Executives Struggle to Manage Africa Selloff Fallout

Matina Stevis, Wall Street Journal, 01 March, 2016